These companies are taking the Indian cryptocurrency hype to the next level. 

India is embracing the cryptocurrency craze despite the lack of regulations. Indian crypto investors are indulging in Bitcoin and altcoins through crypto exchanges that operate in India. While Indians are buying cryptocurrencies for the purpose of investments, the real intent of these digital tokens is to provide a modern means of exchange. If you hold cryptocurrencies or are planning to buy cryptocurrencies, these companies in India will accept payments in crypto instead of fiat currency, like the rupee.

1. HighKart 

HighKart is an online e-commerce store that sells mobiles, cameras, clothes, electronics, computers, and even crypto mining equipment. Founded in 2013, HighKart accepts Bitcoin payment for the purchase of any products. 

2. Purse 

Purse is an online store that deals with electronic devices. But here’s the catch, Purse is one of the few Indian platforms that accept Bitcoins and other major cryptocurrencies. Without the involvement of any third party to convert your crypto into cash, you can directly make crypto payments and buy electronic gadgets. You can also convert your Bitcoins into gift cards and use them to purchase goods on Amazon. 

3. Sapna 

Sapna has a wide category of products that range from books to healthcare products. Through Sapna, you can buy items from any part of India and make payments with Bitcoins. When a user chooses to pay with crypto tokens, the payment is processed within 30 seconds via Unocoin, one of India’s leading crypto exchanges. 

4. The Rug Republic 

India’s decor brand, The Rub Republic, has started accepting crypto payments. The company in its sector, the company that has its presence in 90 countries will be using WazirX and Binance platforms for cryptocurrency transactions. At least 20 major cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin will be accepted for all online payments.