This question doesn’t make any sense. Just to begin with, somebody from the Vatican said that money is the tool of Satan. So, just to begin with, all money is from Satan, if we listen to churchmen. But then, they are continuously around to find money and more money… they say they use it for good purposes and help people, but then you see them in limousines and villas.

This said, Satan doesn’t exist, exactly like Jesus have never existed.
Satan is only mentioned once in the bible.
The whole bible is an invention, a myth coming from an old buddhist fable.

This of yours is not much a question about Bitcoin, but about religion.
There’s no Satan, so the question doesn’t make any sense.
If you don’t believe me, do your own research, discover how the bible comes from over 60 books, written by over 40 authors, written along 4 centuries, and was only assembled in a single “agreement” at the Council of Nicea. Some MAN decided that THAT was the book of what happened with Jesus and god stuff.
On top of that, all the miracles and Jesus himself have left NO TRACE on the texts of historians of the periods adjacent to the supposed Jesus date of born.
And on top of that the book is full of inconsistencies and contradictions by itself: one saint wrote one thing, another wrote another thing, and another the opposite of both. This makes the value of TRUTH of that book equal to ZERO.

To conclude: Bitcoin is not the currency of Satan.
If there’s some evil currency, that currency is Fiat currency, that keeps devaluation BY DESIGN, so that you have to keep working like a slave all your life. Fiat currency, that is manipulated by central banks and super rich families.
Get your information about this. Discover who Rothschilds are, it’s a good starting point.

Follow the advice of bankers and stay away from it. They’re trustworthy people who wouldn’t lie or cheat to enrich themselves, aren’t they?

Any religion will warn for the evils of greed. So should common sense: it’s not about currency, it’s about how it brings out the worst in people.

When someone steals it doesn’t really matter if it’s your money, goats, bitcoins or TV. Anything that has a value and is tradable will do.

The success of Bitcoin can be attributed to people losing their trust in the government issued currencies. Bitcoin is designed to be deflationary, so the value increases over time – as opposed to national currencies that can be created without limit.

The people taking back what belongs to them, what they worked for, paid taxes over, is that a bad thing? Should that money instead go to an aristocratic elite?

Whether you’re religious or not has nothing to do with this.

Just don’t let them abuse your faith to the advantage of this elite.

They will try to slander and incriminate initiatives of the people to escape from the chokehold that financial institutes have over them.

Too big to fail means we all pay when it goes wrong, while we also pay for the profits when everything is fine and they’re lending out money.